Issue 107: Spring 2004  
Cover image: Siobhán Hapaska: Back (detail), 2003;
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Visual Arts North | Brian Kennedy
Visual Arts South | Aidan Dunne
Film and Television | Stephanie McBride
Slave to the Machine | Michael Cunningham
Fifth Column | Noel Sheridan
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Theme: Visual Identity
Visual identity of cultural institutions in France and Ireland | Bharain Mac an Bhreithiún
 What visual language do cultural institutions use to present themselves to the public? Bharain Mac an Bhreithiún explores some key examples in France and Ireland
Engendering the sublime: Margaret Corcoran's An Enquiry | Luke Gibbons
 The 'discovery' of the sublime, a key moment in the evolution of art and of our sense of being in nature, had a strong Irish dimension. Luke Gibbons reflects on that historical moment and its re-examination in the works of Margaret Corcoran.
A Life in relief | Brendon Deacy
Brendan Deacy's work-in-progress inspired by the life and times of Michael Davitt
Symbols of authority | Ciarán Swan
 All states need to develop a visual face to present to the world. Ciarán Swan explores how this was done in Ireland, on the two sides of the border, during the decades that followed partition.
Celtic Kitsch: Irish–America and Irish material culture | Stephanie Rains
 There is a thriving trade in Ireland in the production of artefacts for the American tourist. Stephanie Rains interprets the phenomenon.
The cultural analysis of leisure: tourism and travels in Co. Donegal | Angela Mehegan
 Angela Mehegan looks at the background behind some early examples of tourist enticement in Ireland.
Feature article
Dislocate, regenerate and flow: globalisation's impact on art practice | Regina Gleeson
 Regina Gleeson investigates globalisation's impact on art practice.
Galway: Aisling O'Beirn at Tulca Arts Festival | Marie-Louise Blaney
Belfast: Mary McIntyre at Golden Thread | Suzanna Chan
Belfast: Blue Watch at Golden Thread | Chérie Driver
Limerick: Tina O'Connell at City Art Gallery | Sean Lynch
Dublin: Amy O'Riordan at Kevin Kavanagh and Abigail O'Brien at Rubicon | Liz Aders
Manchester: Transformation | Debbie Roy
New York: John Kindness at Littlejohn Contemporary | Laurence Hegarty
Derry: Sara Greavu and Elizabeth McGlynn at Context | Colin Darke
Dublin: Cityand Elsewhere from here at Workroom | Gemma Tipton
Dublin: Daedal(us) by Esther Sgalev–Gerz | Jason Oakley
Newcastle upon Tyne: Space between us at VANE | Stephen Palmer
Belfast: Colourchart at Ormeau Baths / John Kingerlee at Taylor Gallery | Robert Peters
Newtownards: The Silent Scene | Gavin Weston
Cardiff: Afterlife at Chapter | Jennie Savage
Sligo: Frances Hegarty at Model Arts and Niland | Marianne O'Kane
Cork: Crawford Open 4 at Crawford | Mark Ewart
Dublin: Siobhán Hapaska at Kerlin | Julie Bacon
Dundee: Plunder at Dundee Contemporary Arts | Kevin Henderson
Derry: Allan Hughes at Context |  Ciarán Ó Dochartaigh
Waterford: Arrival at Waterford Regional Hospital | Treasa O'Brien
Belfast: Showreel at Queen Street Studios | John Mathews
Dublin: Langlands and Bell at Irish Museum of Modern Art | om lekha
Kilkenny: Comerford, Vaughan, Flannery and Landweer at Butler | Sarah Browne
Blanchardstown: Fabien Verschaere at Draíocht | Alan Phelan
Cork: Robert O'Connor at Triskel | Alannah Hopkin
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