Issue 117: Autumn 2006  
Cover image: David Sandlin: Nukular Family , 2006, silk-screened lightbox, 24 x 20 x 6 inches; courtesy Butler Gallery:
Editorial | Peter FitzGerald
Feature articles
Circa: Around, about and very much still there | Anne Carlisle |
Splish splash: Baths-time fun | Brian Kennedy
An interview with Grant Kester | Tim Stott
On sound | Mark Garry
Belfast: Maurice Doherty | Slavka Sverakova
Barcelona: Mike Nelson: After Kerouac | Sinéad Halkett
Cinemas nationwide: Paul Greengrass United 93 | Aileen Blaney
Cork: Linda Quinlan: It’s good that life has many circles | Sheila Dickinson
Cork: Work [w3: k]: Aspects of work in art from 1970 to the present | Fergal Gaynor
Dublin: Conor Kelly: Aerophone | Frédéric Bonnet
Dublin: Brendan Earley: Towards a large white building | Gemma Tipton
Dublin: Arno Kramer: Over the shadows | Marianne O’Kane
Dublin: Sarah Pierce: The meaning of greatness | Tim Stott
Dublin: Better than the real thing? | Paul O’Brien
Kilkenny: David Sandlin: Wonderfool world | Ruth Devine
Limerick: Fresh, re--imagining the collection | Karen Normoyle
London: London: Daniel Figgis: Doppler | Isobel Harbison
London: Ellen Gallagher: Salt eaters | Cherry Smyth
New York: Caroline McCarthy: Grand detour: Vedute and other curious observations off the grand route | Joseph R. Wolin |
New York: AngloMania: Tradition and transgression in British fashion | Tim Maul
Newtownards: Angela Darby and Robert Peters: The rumour mill | Karl Harron
Sligo: Patti Smith | Jason McCaffrey
Thesaurus-generated text loops | Niall de Buitléar
Circa covers, issues 1 – 117, 1981 – 2006
John Galliano, white cotton jersey with black newsprint, autumn - winter, 2004 – 05, Stephen Jones, coyote-fur hat
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