Issue 123: Spring 2008  
Cover image: Daphne Wright: Lamb, 2006, marble dust and resin; courtesy the artist / Frith Street Gallery
Editorial | Peter FitzGerald
Update | Subheading: Feature articles
Letter from Karachi | Amra Ali
A tour d'horizon from the Pakistani capital
Act without words: Unique act , an exhibition of nonfigurative painting at Dublin City Gallery the Hugh Lane | Eimear McKeith
preview of an important show of abstract work at the Hugh Lane
What form must we take? | Jessica Foley
On 'transversal' and other practices that slip the noose of formal constraints
Selective memories, collective histories | Declan Long
On art from Northern Ireland
Daphne Wright: The body and its death cast | Laura Mansfield
A look at recent work by Daphne Wright
Art, politics, environment | Paul O'Brien
On art and environmental isues
Belfast: Una Walker: Reports from an agent in the field | Justin McKeown
Belfast: Lorraine Burrell: Pictures from a family album | Susan MacWilliam
Belfast: Brendan O’Neill: Ye must be bored again | Slavka Sverakova
Cork: Crawford Open 2007 – the sleep of reason | Fergal Gaynor
Derry: Bea McMahon and Brendan Earley: True complex | Declan Sheehan
Dublin: Alan Phelan: Ralph Eamon Odo Barbara | Charlotte Bonham-Carter
Dublin: Robert Bordo: Blind spot | Gemma Tipton
Dublin: Conor McFeely: The case of the midwife toad (the unrepeatable experiment) | Alan Phelan
Dublin: Jane Jermyn, Gerda Teljeur, Juliana Walters: Surface tension | Niall de Buitléar
Galway: Human Resources: City of ideas | Michaële Cutaya
Kilnaboy: Amanda Dunsmore: Mr and Mrs Krab’s Utopia | Michaële Cutaya
Leitrim: Fionna Murray: A Real corner of the world | Brian Fay
Limerick: Samuel Walsh: The Divine comedy | Karen Normoyle-Haugh
Manchester: Dan Shipsides: Radical architecture | Cherry Smyth
Philadelphia: Brian Kennedy: Passage | Tim Maul
Portadown: Mark McGreevy: A gap in the bright | Slavka Sverakova
Various venues: Design week | Linda King
Sinéad McCann and Naomi Sex, It's all about you, 2007
Holly Assa: Ratbridge, 2004
Alan Phelan: Pig Protester, 2007
Brian Kennedy: Passage, 2007
Brendan O'Neill: Omnipresent, 2007
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