Issue 128: Summer 2009  
Cover image: David Beattie: Cloudmaker, 2009, electric hob, wood, water, plastic container; courtesy Oonagh Young Gallery
Editorial | Peter FitzGerald
Making connection: on the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland at the 2009 Venice Biennale | David Hughes
What to expect from the two pavilions from this island
All academic | Gemma Tipton
A look at the 'new' RHA in Dublin
Kathy Prendergast in interview | Coline Milliard
The London-based artist discusses her practice
Letter from Havana | Yuneikys Villalonga
Between the Bienal and the embargo, how does art work in Cuba?
The loneliness of East Germany | Christa-Maria Lerm-Hayes
A critical look at 'Ostalgie' in some recent art in Ireland
Belfast: The Performance Collective | Slavka Sverakova
Belfast: Sandra Johnston: Breathing backwards | Michelle Browne
Belfast: Four single works of art | Slavka Sverakova
Cardiff: Dragana Jurisic: Seeing things | David Trigg
Cork: Ciara Moore: The Ivory tower project | Gemma Carroll
Cork: Grin and bear it: cruel humour in art and life | John Kelly
Coventry: Brigid McLeer: Isoli [cont.] | Cherry Smyth
Dublin: Wendy Judge: Works of the world united more…great works | Gemma Tipton
Dublin: Frequency | Tim Stott
Dublin: Peter O’Kennedy: Situation | Jessica Foley
Dublin: David Beattie: Tools and objects | Donal Maguire
Dublin: James Coleman | Susan Thomson
Galway: Aideen Barry: Of hypothetical evolutions of [an]other | Michaële Cutaya
Limerick: ev+a | Fergal Gaynor
London: Duncan Campbell: Bernadette | Conor Carville
Susan MacWilliam: F-L-A-M-M-A-R-I-O-N, 2009, video still, video, stereo
Kennedy Browne: 167 (Screen tests), 2009, production still
The main gallery in the new RHA building, during the 178th annual exhibition
Kathy Prendergast: The steps up and the steps down, 2007, 10 x 49 x 36 cm, patinated bronze with paint
Douglas Perez Castro: From Cabinda to Cunene, 2008, oil on canvas, 290 x 160cm
Declan Clarke: It was beautiful and terribly sad, 2009, installation
Ciara Moore: The Ivory tower project, 2009, installation shot, Triskel
Michelle Browne: Rite of passage
Dominic Thorpe: Drawing words
Peter Surginor: Tea party, 2009, installation shots
Dragana Jurisic: (Pissing on) the heart of the city from Seeing things
Eamon O’Kane: Eames Studio Limerick installation, Former LIT, Limerick School of Art and Design, George’s Quay
Siobhán Ogilvy: from Still water, colour photograph
Grin and bear it, 2009, Gallery 1, installation view, left to right: Wake game and Nevan Lahart sculpture the 2:20 horse power apocalypse, 2009, wood, cardboard, tape, plastic, paint
scroll outside scan frame