Issue 27: March / April 1986  
Feature articles
Winter in the Arts Council's garden | Joan Fowler
Art pages | Chris Wilsom
Polite oppression: Problems of cultural democracy | Owen Kelly
Gene Lambert | Talking to Patrick Murphy
Art pages | Susan Hiller
Communising community art | Mo Bates
The business of art | Nick Stewart
Stephen Snoddy and Sam Fleming | Molly McAnailly Burke
Michael Creaney, James Fearon, Gerry Gleason and Roxy Walsh | Belinda Loftus
Jer O'Leary | Fintan O'Toole
Willie Doherty | Belinda Loftus
Aileen Mackeogh | John Hutchinson
Komar and Melamid | David Brett
Theories of Contemporary Art | Joan Fowler
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