Issue 61: January / February 1992  
Cover image: Richard Martel, Diary book: Derry Eboulemnet, installation for Available Resources in Derry, 1991
Circa notes
Feature articles
Modernism and Ireland's selves Ciar‡n Benson
Available resources | Brian Kennedy, Brian Connolly, Paul Little
A modern disease: Art and heritage management | Pat Cooke
The art of death: Aileen MacKeogh's 'house' | Felicity Woolf
The art of managing the arts: First conference responses | Patricia Quinn, Martin Drury, Tom Weir, Pat Cooke, Belinda Loftus
Eiji Okubo | Gordon Woods
Graham Gingles | Damien Coyle
John Aiken | Anthony Bartley
Cecil King | Aidan Dunne
Per Barclay | David Brett
Gerhard Richter | Fionna Barber
Marion Urch | Fionna Barber
The Myth of Primitivism | John Hutchinson
On the record | Brian Ferran
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