Peter FitzGerald

Community (Friday 6 March 2009)

If you're reading this, you're probably on our newly revamped website. Hope you like it. The new site is much more about user participation and user-generated content. We welcome texts as reviews or feature articles for online. But, and hopefully more simply, we welcome snaps for our Social Circa section: if you're at an art event / opening, send us in some pictures of the goings-on and we'll do our best to get them online. It's about building a sense of online community among those in the visual arts.
The revamped site has a lot of content hidden away in odd corners (some are odder than others - many design tweaks need to be done). Surf round and see - the site map at the bottom of each page should help.
I'm delighted also to have the first of Gemma Tipton's blogs, and look forward to many more.