Issue 109: Autumn 2004

Front cover: Diana Copperwhite: Retro girl (detail), 2003, oil on linen, 40 cm x 40 cm; courtesy of the artist
Update;16; URL: /backissues/c109/update.shtml
Subheading: Regular columns;16; URL: /backissues/c109/columns.shtml
Visual Arts North; 19; Brian Kennedy; URL: /backissues/c109/columns.shtml#van
Visual Arts South; 22; Aidan Dunne; URL: /backissues/c109/columns.shtml#vas
Film and Television; 21; Stephanie McBride; URL: /backissues/c109/columns.shtml#fat
Fifth Column;23; Jacqui McIntosh; URL: /backissues/c109/columns.shtml#fc
Slave to the Machine; 17; Michael Cunningham; URL: /backissues/c109/columns.shtml#sttm
Subheading: See;24; URL: /backissues/c109/see.shtml
Subheading: Theme: painting; Painting in Ireland now; 28; Aidan Dunne; Painting here is thriving. Aidan Dunne picks out some names and trends.; URL: /backissues/c109/p28_32.shtml
Suburban landscapes; 33; Sarah Browne; Landscapes are the archetypical form of painting, the style most often taken into the home. Sarah Browne looks here at the domestication of painting in a real environment.; URL: /backissues/c109/p33_37.shtml
Why nothing can be accomplished in painting, and why it is important to keep trying; 38; James Elkins; Often painting seems stuck in a loop of trying to justify itself. James Elkins surveys the struggle.; URL: /backissues/c109/p38_41.shtml
Why paint? A vox pop; 42; CIRCA; CIRCA asked some lapsed and current painters their thoughts on painting; URL: /backissues/c109/p42_45.shtml
Project; 46; Nevan Lahart; Nevan Lahart is circasized;
Material matters: the conservation of modern art; 50; Mary McGrath; Paintings can be very fragile, and contemporary artists' tendencies to reach for unusual media can cause equally unusual long term problems. Mary McGrath looks at some of the issues surrounding the passage of contemporary production into prosterity.; URL: /backissues/c109/p50_53.shtml
Surveying contemporary painting; 54; Caoimhín Mac Giolla Léith; What is painting about now? Who are the main players, and what are their driving ideas? Coaimhín Mac Giolla Léith presents his analysis.; URL: /backissues/c109/p54_58.shtml
Subheading: Project;Aotearoa / New Zealand; 59; Brian Kennedy
Subheading: Feature article;Dislocate, renegotiate and flow – part lll: the mercurial curatorial; 63; Regina Gleeson; Part III of a three-part investigation by Regina Gleeson into globalisation's impact on art practice; URL: /backissues/c109/p63_66.shtml
Subheading: Reviews;Cork: Jaakko Niemelä at Crawford; 67; Mark Ewart; URL: /backissues/c109/p67.shtml
Belfast: Revealing Objects at the Naughton Gallery at Queen's; 68; Cherie Driver; URL: /backissues/c109/p68.shtml
Donald Kuspit: The End of Art; 69; Emmet Cole; URL: /backissues/c109/p69.shtml
Cardiff: Aint no Love in the Heat of the City at Green on Red; 70; Hannah Firth; URL: /backissues/c109/p70_71.shtml
Tinahely: Tricia Cunningham and Rhoda Cunningham at Tinahely Courthouse; 72; Anne Henrichsen; URL: /backissues/c109/p72.shtml
Dublin: John Noel Smith at Green on Red; 73; Jacqui McIntosh; URL: /backissues/c109/p73.shtml
Gateshead: Susan Hiller at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art; 74; Paul Stone; URL: /backissues/c109/p74.shtml
Cobh: Mick O'Shea at Sirius Arts Centre; 75; Alannah Hopkin; URL: /backissues/c109/p74.shtml
Coney Island: The Dreamland Artist Club; 88; Megan Heuer; URL: /backissues/c109/p76_77.shtml
Glasgow: Beverley Hood at Street Level Photoworks; 78; Kirstie Skinner; URL: /backissues/c109/p78.shtml
Cork: Brian Harte at Form; 79; Alannah Hopkin; URL: /backissues/c109/p79.shtml
Newtownards: Mary Modeen; 79; Angela Darby; URL: /backissues/c109/p79b.shtml
Bray: Pin at Signal Arts Centre; 80; Alison Pilkington; URL: /backissues/c109/p80.shtml
Dublin: Artists – Books at the Workroom; 82; Jason Oakley; URL: /backissues/c109/p80.shtml
Hangzhou: 6 x 6 for Ireland at 411 Gallery; 82; Arvo Bruene; URL: /backissues/c109/p82_83.shtml
Kilkenny: Free from the Itch of Desire at Butler Gallery; 84; Sarah Browne; URL: /backissues/c109/p84.shtml
Dublin: Yoshihiro Suda and Takehito Koganezawa at Douglas Hyde Gallery; 82; Gemma Tipton; URL: /backissues/c109/p85.shtml
Belfast: C–Zine at Catalyst; 88; Aisling O'Beirn; URL: /backissues/c109/p86.shtml
Dublin: Aoife Collins at Goethe–Institut; 87; Felicity Ford; URL:/backissues/c109/p87.shtml
Dublin: Sophie Calle at Irish Museum of Modern Art; 88; Catherine Lyons; URL: /backissues/c109/p88.shtml
New York: Peter Hendrick at Schroeder Romero; 89; Laurence Hegarty; URL: /backissues/c109/p89.shtml
Dublin: Varvara Shavrova at Cross Gallery; 90; Ciara Healy; URL: /backissues/c109/p90.shtml
Derry: Mary T. O'Neill at Context Gallery; 91; Greg McCartney; URL:/backissues/c109/p91.shtml
Belfast: Claudio Hils at Belfast Exposed; 88; John Mathews; URL: /backissues/c109/p92.shtml
Dublin: NCAD Fine Art Degree Show; 93; John Gerrard; URL: /backissues/c109/p93_95.shtml
Belfast: Gary Show at Golden Thread Gallery; 88; Robert Peters; URL: /backissues/c109/p96.shtml