Issue 118: Winter 2006

Front cover: Susan MacWilliam: Headbox (detail), 2004, stereoscope with wall handles, Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin; courtesy the artist;
large image:/illus/c118/p48.jpg; Susan MacWilliam: Headbox (detail) , 2004, stereoscope with wall handles, courtesy the artist
large image:/illus/c118/p64.jpg; Helen O’Leary and Sarah Schwartz: from Kite project, DVD still; courtesy the artists
large image:/illus/c118/p66.jpg; Stephen Brandes: The Canaries, 2006, permanent marker and acrylic on vinyl, 201 x 226 cm, courtesy RHA
large image:/illus/c118/p83.jpg; Nevan Lehart: Vegetation ain't mute we're just deaf to it, 2006, mixed media; courtesy Galway Arts Center
large image:/illus/c118/p80.jpg; John Gerrard: Smoke tree – a virtual sculpture, courtesy the artist
large image:/illus/c118/p88.jpg; ElasticCity; henengan.peng architects
Editorial; 23; Peter Fitzgerald; URL: /backissues/c118/p23.shtml
Update; 24-25; URL: /backissues/c118/p24-25.shtml
Subheading: Feature articles
Caroline McCarthy: best before yesterday;
28-35; Chris Townsend ; URL: /backissues/c118/p28-35.shtml
The state of art history in Ireland, replies and response;
36-47; URL: /backissues/c118/p36-47.shtl
An outsider in her native town – the work of Susan MacWilliam; 48-54; Noel Kelly ; URL: /backissues/c118/p48-54.shtml
The Vacuum and the vacuous; 55-59; Colin Graham ; URL: /backissues/c118/p55-59.shtml
Subheading: Reviews
Carrick-on-Shannon: Helen O’Leary and Sarah Schwartz: Kite project; 64-65; Sharon Ní Cuilibin ; URL: /backissues/c118/p64-65.shtml
Cavan: Niamh Smyth: Those who hear not the music think the dancer mad / Troubled images: Posters and images of the Northern Ireland conflict; 76-77; Jason McCaffrey ; URL: /backissues/c118/p76-77.shtml
Cork: Cooling out – on the paradox of feminism; 92-95; Treasa O’Brien ; URL: /backissues/c118/p92-95.shtml
Derry: Dennis McNulty: dx/dt; 78-79; Damien Duffy ; URL: /backissues/c118/p78-79.shtml
Dublin: Stephen Brandes: Klutz paradiso; 66-67; Tim Stott ; URL: /backissues/c118/p66-67.shtml
Dublin: Plane; 70-72; Eimear McKeith |; URL: /backissues/c118/p70-72.shtml
Dublin: Niamh O’Malley; 86-87; Brenda Moore-McCann ; URL: /backissues/c118/p86-87.shtml
Dublin: Factotum: the choir; 101-103; Rachel Ní Chuinn ; URL: /backissues/c118/p101-103.shtml
Dublin: Willie Doherty: Empty ; 104-106; Declan Long ; URL: /backissues/c118/p104-106.shtml
Galway: Icelandic love corporation: Eruption – corruption; 68-69; Katherine Waugh ; URL: /backissues/c118/p68-69.shtml
Galway: 126; 83-85; Gavin Murphy ; URL: /backissues/c118/p83-85.shtml
Kilkenny: (Dispatch from) Kilkenny arts festival; 73-75; Fergal Gaynor ; URL: /backissues/c118/p73-75.shtml
Limerick: Anne Cleary and Denis Connolly: Here there now then; 98-100; Karen Normoyle ; URL: /backissues/c118/p98-100.shtml
Linz: Ars electronica 2006; 80-82; Paul O’Brien ; URL: /backissues/c118/p80-82.shtml
Sligo: juneau/projects/: The Black moss; 96-97; Andy Parsons ; URL: /backissues/c118/p96-97.shtml
Venice: Venice Biennale: 10th international architecture exhibition; 88-91; Gemma Tipton ; URL: /backissues/c118/p88-91.shtml
Book: Maria Eichhorn: Publishing the fact that something will remain unpublished; 62-63; Ciara Healy ; URL: /backissues/c118/p62-63.shtml
Subheading: Project
Contemporary adaptations of iconic works;107; Mary Healy