Issue 1: November / December 1981 
Editorial | Christopher Coppock, Anne Carlisle
Feature articles
Felim Egam interview | Micky Donnelly
Mother Ireland and the troubles: artist, model, reality | Belinda Loftus
Death in the Head | Alistair MacLennon
Where are the images? | Tom Paulin
Mona Lisa's sister: some thoughts on art history | Louis A. Muinzer
Irish living art | Deirdre O'Connell
Felim Egan | Anne Carlisle
Hibernian inscape | Karel Dudesek
Alistair Wilson | Micky Donnelly
Ian Robertson | Jack Pakenham
Tony Hill | Julian Watson
Royal Ulster Academy | Ann Davey Orr
John Carson | ?
William Conor | Cathal Tohill
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