649: Very young at art (Monday 26 January 2009)

compiled by Ashley Mancill
Aelita Andre: abstract painting; image held here
Aelita Andre: abstract painting; image held here

Seven abstract paintings from a collection of works by a two-year-old have been purchased from Brunswick Gallery in Melbourne just days before going on display.
Mark Jamieson, director of the gallery, came across Aelita Andre artwork while putting together a group show back in October. Nikka Kalashnikova, one of the photographers to be featured, showed Aelita's artwork to Jamieson and he agreed to include it in the show. It was not until he was preparing the press packets that he learned Aelita was Kalashnikova's two-year-old daughter, and that she had been 22 months old when painting the works.
Although shocked at the revelation, Jamieson nonetheless allowed the artworks to go on display.  The gallery headlined Aelita as the youngest artist for a commercial gallery. Seven of her 15 works were sold before the show opened, ranging from $300 to $2000.
Now there's a talented toddler!
Source: http://www.guardian.co.uk/artanddesign/2009/jan/26/art-australia