An informal Irish embassy

compiled by Brioni Connolly
 Conor Crieghton and Steve Ryan: the unofficial Irish Embassy\
Conor Crieghton and Steve Ryan: the unofficial Irish Embassy's unofficial flag; courtesy the artists

For the month of February the artists Conor Creighton and Steve Ryan will be acting ambassadors to an unofficial Irish embassy in Kosovo.
Ireland was among the first group of countries to recognize Kosovo's independence in February 2008, an independence that is still only recognized by a mere sixty-five countries. Despite having diplomatic representation in Kosovo, Ireland is currently without an official embassy in the country.
Creighton and Ryan intend to temporarily remedy this deficiency by providing the Embassy district of Prishtina with an open house where all visitors are welcome to experience "Irish Hospitality and Cultural exchange." This offbeat installation aims to establish an affiliation and dialogue between these two notably similar countries. This aspiraton will be effected by offering cups of tea to all visitors of the Unofficial Irish Embassy as well as running Irish language, cooking, film, poetry, story and sports programmes.
An exhibition will be held at the centre on 15 of February for which they are currently looking for submissions. The artists brief is simply;  If you met someone who'd never heard of Ireland how would you explain it to them in an image? All contributing artists are asked to submit unframed works via post or email to
The Unofficial Embassy c/o Valbona Shujaku
Arberia 2
24 Maji/54
10 000 Prishtina
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