Re-inventing the wheel: sustainable Christmas tree unveiled (Wednesday 16 December 2009)

compiled by Franziska Panitz

caption: Christmas tree in Bermondsey Square, 2009, photo by Mark Hadden; image held here
Christmas is just around the corner: buzzing masses fan out for presents, houses are draped with twinkling decoration and fathers line up for rosiny firs. After the festivity, fresh green trees will slowly fade, loose needles and be piled on side-walks. A reusable Christmas tree has been erected in London's Bermondsey Square recently by Sarah Wigglesworth Architects.
35 bike wheels are carefully arranged on a metal strut, in the shape of a tree. Bycicle reflectors donated by local cycling shops function as fairy lights. The unlikely tree can be seperated into single parts without effort and is therefore easy to store. It will be reused in the coming years.
Urban regeneration investor igloo has commissioned the project. The company's Deputy Chief Executive David Roberts states: "The Bermondsey Square tree not only looks great; it can be used year after year. It is designed so that it can be dismantled and stored. The bike wheels will be [...] used to recondition bikes for distribution to Africa. We also hope its presence in the Square will contribute to a number of measures we are taking to actively encourage cycling in London."
Source: Artdaily