Woman tears Picasso (Wednesday 27 January 2010)

compiled by Brioni Connolly
A woman attending an adult-education course in the New York Metropolitan Museum stumbled and fell into a rather noteworthy Pablo Picasso painting last Friday. The painting, The actor, from his rose period, sustained a six-inch tear to its lower right-hand corner. Despite this, officials at the Met have described the damage as having minimal impact on the "focal point of the composition." The museum's conservationists are confident that the repair work will be reasonably inconspicuous and it is expected to be completed in time for the retrospective of Picasso's work, due to open in the Metropolitan in late April, featuring two hundred and fifty paintings by the artist.

Pablo Picasso: The Actor; image held here

The actor, painted in the winter of 1904-1905, features an acrobat posed against an abstracted backdrop, hinting towards his later foray into cubism.
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